Catlin Stothers


Hmmmm… this is the hard part. To give an impression of the kind of work I like to do, and as importantly, convey the type of person I am. Well, I’m pretty obsessed with anything related to design - typography, architecture, packaging, and of course interior design. When it comes to interiors, my first goal is to create a space that provokes some kind of reaction, and ultimately, is a space that my client will love. While the process from one project to the next is never exactly the same, my approach is always based on both collaboration and open dialogue.
Simplicity, scale, and juxtaposing old & new are constant themes in what I try to achieve. I influence but don’t impose, and every now and then, I push (persuade, is more politically correct) for something that I really believe will take a space to another level of interest. I’m inspired by great ideas and love to be challenged to find new ways to solve problems. This means being resourceful when a budget may be limited.
When I’m not obsessing over the above, I’m exploiting my time with my husband and our two incredible kids.


In short, simple: Catlin was and is miles away from my admittedly constant high expectations for design and value — most importantly this is true of her professional trade as a designer and decorator but ultimately as importantly in dynamic, flow, and in her amazing character and her interactions as a genuinely caring person in what often is a very self-interested world when it comes to this profession.
It’s now funny when I look back at how my original high level of skepticism on whether I needed someone like Catlin or even whether the dynamic with a professional designer like Catlin was going to mesh well with my tastes and original view on the look and feel of the project. Having a finance background had me heavily question my needs for someone like Catlin, what additional cost and ultimate value that would be created through this vs others but I can tell you with all my quantitative measurements and whole-hearted qualitative assessments Catlin was genuinely amazing throughout in inspiring, provoking and ultimately creating a very special space that uniquely blends and takes elements from contemporary modern design, nature, and classic long lasting style that stands the test of time. I am extremely proud of the dream space Catlin and I created and as proud to recommend her.

Angel Rodriguez, Montreal

I had a master bathroom renovation project on the backburner for years. I was looking for a contemporary design that I would love and also add value to my condo. Catlin took my bathroom to another level. Very easy to work with, Catlin executed my project on budget and on time. Quality materials were used and I’m very happy with the finished product. Catlin is passionate about her work and gives 100% of herself. I would happily hire her for future projects.

J. Jao, Montreal

When we temporarily relocated from Sydney, Catlin helped us re-vamp our new home for the time we’d be living in Toronto. She was indeed the perfect fit for us. We immediately loved her aesthetic and ideas, and also that she understood our desire to acquire pieces that would fit into our Sydney home too. She has an incredible work ethic, along with a pool of talented trades and suppliers. The icing on the cake for us was that she was warm, considerate and a delightful person. As we now prepare to move back into our home in Sydney, we definitely miss Catlin’s great eye!

Tina Gomes Brand, Sydney

I have worked with Catlin over several years on various levels in both our city and country homes. Catlin’s expertise and passion transformed various rooms in our century home, often with the most subtle changes. She beautifully marries a contemporary aesthetic with the traditional architectural details inherent to the house. Her keen sense of colour and ideas are always unexpected, and I like that she thinks differently. Very respectful of our budget, we always felt that we invested in the right places and pieces.
Catlin works extremely well with suppliers and trades, as she is decisive and insists on perfection, characteristics that are highly regarded by the craftspeople who work with her.
Catlin is a dream to work- Enthusiastic, honest, and has tremendous integrity!

Debbie McNair, Toronto

Catlin designed our kitchen and it was a fabulous experience. She made Ikea cabinets look like custom built ins, and her suggestions for our custom countertop, backsplash and floating shelves made our kitchen contemporary yet warm, beautiful on a budget. She has an artist's eye for subtleties in colour, scale and texture. She is an excellent communicator, very skilled at helping me picture how one choice would look over another.
Catlin is organized, prompt, responsive and reliable. I always looked forward to each meeting with her. I would recommend her without any hesitation.

Melinda Anderson, Toronto

Highly organized, energetic and accommodating, Catlin works with a tireless dedication to quality and her client’s satisfaction. She’s particularly creative at mixing custom and high-end pieces with off the shelf pieces. This really helped us achieve the look we wanted while respecting our budget. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!

Jo Ann Dizy, Toronto

A truly gifted and talented designer. We hired Catlin to help achieve a vision that I had for the main floor of our 10 year old home. Not only did she surpass our expectations with a well thought out plan but also paid incredible attention to every detail.

Tina Faubert & Gerry Brady, St Lazare

What impressed us most about Catlin is that she really took the time to understand how we live. Other designers had proposed designs that ignored our storage and other practical needs. Catlin was able to give us an innovative and dramatic design that adds architectural interest, while maximizing the functionality of the space.

Bronwyn Anderson, Toronto

Not sure it's possible to express how easy and pleasant Catlin is to work with! Catlin is relaxed, approachable, organized, and so incredibly resourceful. She is also incredibly fair. She won't allow her clients to spend money frivolously and she will protect your budget as though it were her own. I think it's that respect for her clients' resources that makes her so endearing and trustworthy. Her knowledge of a multitude of materials will ensure that your project is unique and breathtaking. In short, I simply wouldn't use anyone else!

Tara Gavin, Toronto

Our previously unfinished, unusable basement is now the most usable and functional room in our home, thanks to Catlin. Several designers looked at our basement, but only Catlin had incredibly smart & practical solutions, and vision to create something beautiful on a very modest budget. Without a doubt, it’s the most functional use of space in our home.

Stephen Stahl, Toronto